Pumpkin Creme Pie (Perfect last minute Thanksgiving dessert idea!)

I was recently introduced to this desert by a friend of mine and it has quickly became one of my favorites to make! Two main reasons for this SUPER simple/quick to make and can be made for right around $12! 

Pumpkin Creme Pie

Pie Ingredients:

2 cups milk

2 smaller packages of vanilla pudding mix(instant! If there are directions to boil water you got the wrong one!)

1 cup canned pumpkin (I use Pumpkin pie mix)

1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

1 cup cool whip

-Mix all ingredients together then put in pie dish(make sure if you made the pie crust it is completely cooled off.). Then I usually put it in the fridge for 20minutes then add cool whip on the top with a sprinkle of cinnamon or pumpkin pie spice.

Pie Crust Ingredients:

20 squares of gram-crackers

1/2 cup butter melted

3 tablespoons sugar

-Crush all the gram-crackers. Add in the butter. Mix again. Then put in the oven on 350 degrees for 10 minutes.

Note:You can also buy the pre-made pie crust to make this even quicker (and have less dishes)

GOOD LUCK and enjoy!

Comment below if you used any substitute ingredients or just to let me know if you loved it! I have been warned not to use milk substitutes(like almond milk), I’d be VERY interested if anyone tries to make it with a different form of milk!

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